An afternoon groove with DJ Honey
Northern Soul is a musical movement that emerged from the North of England the English Midlands in the 1960s that’s maintained a strong subcultural identity and following up till today. Dj Honey is one of the rare DJs in Singapore that spins this distinctive genre, a combination of classic Philly with the influences of Mod and disco. We asked her to give us some insights into some of the songs that shaped her identity as a DJ.

Introduce yourself

I’m a long time lover of 60s northern soul, jazz and RnB music and an avid record collector with experience spinning in Australia, UK, US and Asia as well as hosting the monthly ‘Kiss! Kiss! Bang! Bang!’ on Mixcloud and ‘Girls In The Groove’ for London’s Soho Radio promoting girl power, the rule-breakers and hip shakers of the mini-skirt revolution.

What got you started on DJ-ing with vinyl?

I started out collecting records to simply enjoy privately. Most record collectors agree the tangible format of vinyl is what lures us in. The ritual of physically selecting a record, the care involved and the ability to read over the liner notes as the record crackle away... there’s a certain kind of magic to vinyl. It was only natural I’d go on to DJ with vinyl.

Also, a lot of the obscure 60s songs aren’t available on Spotify or iTunes, so the only option we have is to dig the crates and discover them.

What are the 3 records that you would bring with you for your next gig? 

Of all the venues you’ve played at, which is your favourite?

The Singaporean F1 was both surreal and spectacular! The 6ts Cleethorpes Northern Soul Weekender, the longest-running Northern Soul weekender in the world, was an immense privilege. However, I’d have to say Nude Restaurant in Japan has been my favourite! The energy was explosive, the records were extremely rare and exciting, the people were passionate, knowledgeable and, most of all, friendly.

The ritual of physically selecting a record, the care involved and the ability to read over the liner notes as the record crackles away... there’s a certain kind of magic to vinyl.


What was the first vinyl record that you bought?
Dusty Springfield - A Girl Called Dusty.

What is the most valuable record in your collection?
A record is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.

What is one record that you would keep forever?
It took me 12 years to eventually find/afford/own a copy of Linda Jones - I Just Can’t Live My Life (Without You).I get tingles down my spine every time I play it. Jones seemed like a woman who loved with her entire soul no matter the pain she’d endure and I admire her for that.

What are the current top 3 records in your rotation?

Bobby Moore’s Rhythm Aces - Go Ahead and Burn
Marjorie Black - One More Hurt
The Knight Bros - Love (Can’t You Hear Me)

What was the first track you played on repeat?
Judy Garland - Embraceable You

What is a song that would define the teenage you?
Gosh, anything to do with heartbreak!
Dusty Springfield - All I See Is You

What is one song lyric that has inspired you?
“Smile though your heart is aching”

Best song to turn up loud?

Pauline Reeves - Jazz Freak

A song people wouldn’t expect you to like?
Billy Bragg - Waiting For The Great Leap Forward


Any last words or tips for people aspiring to DJ with vinyl?
Be creative, be different, be bold. Develop your own sound. And, do it!

Listen to her Spotify Playlist here