In collaboration with Culture Cartel, we put the spotlight on 5 alternative individuals that have taken the road less traveled. We chat with them on their passion and journey, and hear out on what inspires them.

Photos by Dju-lian Chng


Collector and toy aficionado, Edward Ng started his journey of acquiring collectibles since the 90’s, whilst spending most of his childhood growing up in his family-owned toy store. 
We took a glimpse of his collection as he reminisced on some of his favourite stories surrounding a few of his favourite toys.



Introduce yourself
Hi, my name is Edward and I am a toy fanatic. I love art and collectibles – particularly Kaws, Takashi Murakami, Bearbrick and Star Wars. It all started in the 90s, helping out at the family toy store on weekends to earn my pocket money, I spent my childhood growing up among superheroes decked out in neon spandex and three-headed Godzilla.


What got you into collecting toys?
Growing up, I spent most of my time in the family toy store at Clarke Quay. I was inspired and influenced by the people and environment – the good old Clarke Quay flea market days. I hung out with people from different walk of life that came to the store and visited the flea market, I got to know a few collectors and the interest grew from there.


What are some of the most valuable toys in your collection?
Kaws 5YL Companion.
Recently, there was a piece that was sold for £3,800 at PHILLIPS AUCTION. My 5YL Companion is worth a lot more to me, there’s sentimental value behind it and this was my first Kaws vinyl. I still remember this very clearly, my dad came home one day with the 5YL Companion when it first released and said, “Son, do you want this? I can’t sell this off and it’s taking up space in the shop.” I love it the minute I saw it and since then I’ve taken toy collecting seriously. (It was selling at around SGD$160 then). I still laugh whenever I share this story with friends and collectors.




Anything you got your eye on at the moment?
Kaws Holiday Space (GOLD) aka MTV Moon man! The bots beat me to it. Please reach out to me if you are selling. It’s getting harder for collectors to own a piece of Kaws these days because buying and selling toys (flipping at an insane profit) have become a source for making a quick buck for many.




What are some of the things out there that have excited you as a collector recently?
Art and collectibles are known to be a traditional media for the longest time. Artists are starting to leverage on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and AR to connect with more people. During Covid-19, Kaws launched an AR project with Acute Art, fans can virtually interact with different Kaws sculpture/toy. It’s fun to see the toy coming to life but it’s even more exciting to see the sculpture/toy interacts with different surroundings when shared by different people from different parts of the world.




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