In collaboration with Culture Cartel, we put the spotlight on 5 alternative individuals that have taken the road less traveled. We chat with them on their passion and journey, and hear out on what inspires them.

Photos by Dju-lian Chng


 Visual artist Sam Lo, also known as SKL0 needs no further introduction.
She speaks about her routine, her creative process, and how she gets over creative humps. 

Read where she draws her inspirations for her multi-disciplinary practice.



Introduce yourself
I’m Sam Lo, a visual artist that also goes by the tag name SKL0.


What is a day like for SKL0?
A typical day starts off with coffee, checking the news, playing with my dog followed by brainstorming on new ideas, working on projects both personal and commissioned from illustrations to sculpture. Most days I forget to eat and end up wondering why I’m hungry, which leads to a super heavy dinner that gets me passed out on the couch in front of the tv.


Describe your creative process - what is your process from conceptualisation to creation?
My creative process happens almost subconsciously, taking inspiration from my surroundings and current affairs. It starts off with an emotion, which translate to visual imagery that suggest and align with the message. The medium that best executes this is then employed, and I get lost in the process of creation. Sometimes the end result evolves a little more from the initial sketch as my ideas get more informed, and I enjoy getting surprised along the way.


What is one misconception people have about your works that you would like to change?
That it is always made to provoke or be controversial, simply because of my past. That leaves little room for myself to grow into my own, to explore different messages or simply to create whatever I want to create. Art is expression and I want to exercise my full freedom on it, even if it means creating just for the sake of it.



What are some of the projects you are working on at the moment?
Other than a couple of commercial collaborations lined up, I have been taking more time to develop my personal practice and releasing prints and artwork on my newly set up online store (shameless plug:


Any tips for artists who are stuck in a creative rut?
If you’re like me and are hard on yourself, someone used to tell me “If you are trying to force a fart, chances are it’s shit” and it made so much sense to me.
Take a breather and recalibrate, you need to be taken care of too.




Listen to SKL0's Spotify playlist here: 


Sunflower – Post Malone
It’s super chill, and Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse was such a well done animated movie.


Megitsune – BABYMETAL
I love the energy and the lyrics behind this song, it’s in my playlist whenever I paint.


Pure Imagination – Dotan Negrin + Prismatic Mantis
Super chill, great for rainy days.


Mornings (See You Again) – Alextbh
I’ve turned to this when I get melancholic.


There is a light that never goes out – The Smiths
Makes me nostalgic, reminds me of Poptart nights at Homeclub.


A New Error – Moderat
This song is great when I get into work mode.


Dies Irae feat. Black Prez – Apashe, Black Prez
Been playing the FPS Valorant a lot lately and this song is on the soundtrack, gets me pumped whenever I work out.


Seventeen – Sjowgren
My fiancée introduced this song to me and it was on repeat a lot.


Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles
I heard that the lyrics to the song were from a guide to psychedelics inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead. It has been my constant escape.


Hurt – Nine Inch Nails
It was playing in a scene in Rick and Morty that was pretty sad and I remember how we sat glued to the tv, feeling the moment.


Chop Suey! – System of a Down
Energizes me when I paint.


High Enough – Radio Edit – Lowell
For some reason this song is always on repeat, it was especially great when I used to take long walks.


Paradise Circus – Massive Attack
Simply beautiful.


Begin the End – Placebo
Another sad one but it’s so beautiful.


Take on Me – Reel Big Fish
Another song from my paint list, also makes me nostalgic.