Dj Honey is one of the rare DJs in Singapore that spins this distinctive genre, a combination of classic Philly with the influences of Mod and disco. 


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Barbara Lynn - I’m A Good Woman 
One of the most iconic female empowerment songs within the northern soul scene. 

Junior Walker and The All Stars - Shotgun
The combination of jazz and soul together - this album changed the way I heard music. 

Judy Garland - The Man That Got Away
The most talented female vocalist of all time, in my opinion. 

Jimmy Hart - Teahouse In Chinatown
Northern soul and story telling at its best. 

Cleo Randle - Big City Lights
Heart wrenching, anguished vocals. I listened to this song almost weekly for about 10 years before I got my hands on a copy. 

Roy Hamilton - Crackin’ Up Over You
This was track 8 on my first northern soul CD and one of the songs that got me hooked on the genre. 

Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream
The ultimate song of hope. (Plus, Elvis looked damn hot when he first performed it live for his 1968 Comeback Special!)
Timi Yuro - What’s A Matter Baby
This record helped me get through a really difficult time and reminds me to keep moving forward. 
Barbara Dane - I’m On My Way
A traditional work song drenched in 60s rhythm and blues with Dane’s lyrics demanding autonomy. It doesn’t get much better than this!
Billy Bragg - The Internationale 
The socialist anthem. I’ve spent many a night (or early morning) blasting this from my stereo through open windows.


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