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Introduce yourself

My name is Jasper Tan and i'm a Director who mainly focuses on music videos and weird short videos

Describe your style in 3 words?

old school? uncle?

What does the Fred Perry Shirt mean to you?

Actually it always reminds me of british movies... Especially those with skin heads and i love them

When did you first dabble in the creative field?  

I actually starting learning how to do tattoos when i was around 17... and eventually gave up on that and tried to do wedding photography.

What inspires your work?   

I would say music inspires the bulk of it, but i actually get a lot of inspiration from Vimeo and from daily situations that i experience.

Which subcultures have influenced you? 

Probably the indie and heavy metal subcultures

Best song to end an all-nighter?

Extreme Ways - Moby

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history? 

Marilyn Monroe

Your greatest unsung hero or heroine in music? 

Netherfriends - He makes tons of music and he's super quirky. All his albums are based of themes... 

A song people wouldn't expect you to like? 

Old Town Road - Lil Nas



Listen to his Spotify playlist here


Drake - Passionfruit

The only song i can listen to over and over again

Mr Sandman - The Chordettes

This song will cure you of all negativity even on the worst days


If i just wanna feel abit gangster

The Life Aquatic - Moonboots

Still confused whether this is a sad song or happy song. Probably nostalgic

Plage Isolee (Soleil levant) - Pan and Polo

A song that i don't understand

25 (Ft KZ) - Kojey Radical

Because i love the music video, and how the song goes

Loud Ft Charlotte Cardin - Sometimes, all the time

Because it's french rap, and i love Charlotte Cardin

We've got to try - The Chemical Brothers

Best music video ever, if not, best song to sing in the shower and scream

Learn from each other - Majid Jordan

An emotional song - if you are emotional

Lower Dens - To Die In LA

Favourite driving song, especially to JB (Johor Bahru)

The Beach - Jimi Somewhere

I would dance to this is a plain field with a bottle of beer