Music is a universal language that connects us all. Explore the playlists created by the Fred Perry community over the years.


Introduce yourself.

Hello, I’m Jonathan Fong- co-founder of Sole Superior and Street Superior Festival and also father to Damon and Gemma.

Describe your style in 3 words?

Rad Glad Dad

What does the Fred Perry Shirt mean to you?

A classic garment of value and quality that is timeless.

Which subcultures have had an enduring effect on you?

Punk, Indie, Goth, Britpop, Skateboarding, Record shop nerding, The Smiths.

If you could spend an hour with anyone from history?


Which music genre defines you?

Probably a mix of morose indie and upbeat alternative.

A song lyric that has inspired you?

“It takes strength to be gentle and kind” - The Smiths

Best song to turn up loud?

100% - Sonic Youth

Best song to end an all-nighter on?

Stretch Out and Wait - The Smiths

Any new music / band you are into at the moment?

Shoutout to the worst band in Singapore- Forest





Blanket - Autolux

One of my favourite 00s MySpace music discoveries. One of the bands I was most excited to catch at Coachella when I went there in 2005- they did not disappoint.

Tamago - Forests

I watched these guys along play to 4 people on a Saturday afternoon at BluJazz some 4 years back. It was witnessing something familiar yet fresh, the rare moment where you know you’ve just discovered something super exciting.

Close To Me- The Cure

If this song doesn’t incite you to move, bop, shimmy, shake please see a doctor immediately.

Tonight The Streets Are Ours - Richard Hawley

Hawley is a genius and this is his gift to remind us to celebrate life, be wild, free and joyous.

Unravel - Bjork

A song that I sing regularly to my kids.

Brand New Colony- The Postal Service

The Postal Service inspired a musical project that I was part of over a decade ago.

Vertigo Flowers - Nothing

Watching Nothing live in venue full of fans who listen to these songs alone in their dark bedrooms celebrating our collective joy of pain and misery is just a beautiful pure thing.

Blue Dress - Depeche Mode

The rightful Holy Trinity- DM, The Cure and The Smiths. Violator is the best DM album.

I’m Not A Juvenile Delinquent - Frankie Lymon

Really, I swear I’m not.

The Start Of Something - Voxtrot

Before the bursts of youthful exuberance could even wash over like a cold beer, the band broke up; leaving behind questions, longing and love seared into the recesses of the heart.

Teenager - Deftones

White Pony as an album inspired me in many ways. The fearlessness of the band to go completely against their past work and forget brave new grounds in expanding their sound and craft was the most remarkable.

Goodbye - The Sundays

A girl I was madly infatuated with during Poly scrawled “Give me an easy life and a peaceful death” on the public benches. Isn’t that something we all inherently desire? That, and perhaps a Sundays reunion in the next decade possibly?