Music is a universal language that connects us all. Explore the playlists created by the Fred Perry community over the years.



Introduce yourself.

Trent Davis: musician, writer and video producer.

Describe your style in 3 words?

Late for work.

What does the Fred Perry Shirt mean to you?

Over the year, the Fred Perry Shirt has barely changed. In an industry in which brands cave to the pressure of trends and gimmicks, I respect that Fred Perry has stuck to its guns and done its own thing. That’s what makes an icon.

You can make a record with anyone from history?

Michael Jackson, hands down. Whatever his reputation is today, working with him in the studio would be next level.

Songs that define the teenage you?

Anything by The Offspring pre-Conspiracy of One.

Song you wish you had written?

“Ride” by The Dandy Warhols, because a) it’s simple; and b) it’s a fucking classic.

What has been the best gig you've been to?

Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, Australia on 1 March 2007. Deftones, Thrice, Eighteen Visions and Flyleaf. What a line-up!

Of all the venues you’ve played, which is your favourite?

The Esplanade Annexe Studio. Caracal recently hosted the first Daily Essentials show there; not only is it the perfect size for a rock show, but seeing everything come together as the organiser really brought a new perspective. I would love it play it again.

The last music you bought?

I think it was the Mr. Robot Vol. 2 record by Mac Quayle. There’ve been a couple of volumes since then, but I’m running out of shelf space.





“The Product Is You” – Incendiary

This is a good one to wake up to whenever I start zoning out. It’s like a brick to the face; you can’t ignore it.

“Generator” – Turnstile

When I hear this song, I picture people letting go of their pent-up energy and colliding in a sweaty mess – and when Turnstile performed in Singapore last year, that’s exactly what happened.

“Calm Like A Bomb” – Rage Against The Machine

Rage, to me, is the soundtrack to fighting injustice. They were a huge deal for me when I was younger, but I feel like their music is as relevant as ever in 2019. This song describes how I think many in the world feel right now – ignored and waiting to explode.

“Summertime Gladness” – Dance Gavin Dance

I’ve always liked cryptic lyricism, but this song takes strange lyrics to a different level while gelling with the vibe. Plus, that opening guitar gets me feeling good every single time

“Eulogy” – The Flatliners

This has long been a favourite of mine, but only recently did it hit home for me. I recently experienced a loss, and this song has provided comfort in a way that sometimes only a song can.

“Vomit” – Microwave

I love everything about this song. It starts off so tenderly, but then explodes into a climax that comes out of nowhere. It’s perfect.

“Convinced I’m Wrong” – Polar Bear Club

“I’m looking for salt in a snow globe.” Can’t think of many lines better than that. Reserved for difficult days.

“Hold Your Breath” – Underoath

I feel uplifted every time the band kicks into the major shift at the chorus, and it somehow makes the loneliness they speak of emancipating.

“Perennial” – Spiritbox

Spiritbox is my favourite band of 2019, by far. Each song they’ve released this year has gotten me excited – but in this one, Courtney LaPlante’s melodies strike me at my core and render me useless until the song is over.

“Talking Heads” – Northlane

I know firsthand how much of a battle it is when a band changes vocalists. But with Northlane’s latest song, vocalist Marcus has caught everyone’s attention, and for the right reasons. Absolute banger.

“…And Still I Wander South” – Knocked Loose

I’ve only got two words for this: holy shit.

“Spy” – Code Orange

Code Orange could write the soundtrack to the apocalypse. Witnessing this song live in NY last year was a chaotically thrilling experience.