CANDY SAYS is a pair of indie vinyl-only DJs, formerly of 4imaginaryboys.
The twosome have played at outdoor bars, clubs, and music festivals. The often-dusted vinyls on CANDY SAYS' turntables cover alternative rock, indie electronica, shoegaze, folk, punk, post-punk, and the occasional Kanye.


CANDY SAYS often drop some familiar crowd-pleasing vinyls in their sets, but they are also big fans of keeping in touch with current and emerging indie rock, often through crate-digging: Three of the tracks in this playlist were released during this pandemic year (2020)!


Listen to their Spotify Playlist here: 




Still Corners – The Trip
Nigel played this track when we were crate-digging at Rough Trade on Talbot Road, and we were hypnotised by the hook. Still one of our go-to records to kick off sets with.
Chromatics – TOY
We are big fans of the label ‘Italians Do It Better’, and the Chromatics. There is usually at least one Chromatics track in our setlist. Ruth Radelet sounds languorously raptorous in this upbeat 2020 release.  
Club Intl (feat. John Eatherly) – Crush
Another 2020 record, also produced by Johnny Jewel. This infectious debut single was inspired by John Eatherly staying in a basement in East Village, Manhattan, which had a nightclub as a first floor neighbour!  
Grandaddy – The Crystal Lake
It’s difficult not to like Grandaddy, and even more difficult to dislike The Crystal Lake. A country and western song of hope and disappointment, overlaid with a magical hook.
Lusts – Sometimes
We heard this played while crate-digging in our favourite record shop off Harajuku (not Disk Union!), and it was stacked into our pile without hesitation. At once shoegaze and Britpop, this catchy track sees heavy rotation on our decks.
Delta Spirit – California
A Candy Says classic, this dancefloor filler is all surf rock and melodic punk. You may recognise the snappy analog chords from a certain Norwegian band’s hit ‘Take On Me’!
Kings of Leon – The Bucket
Raucous track that has been on our bucket list since we first played it. Who said that a band from Nashville can’t sound like The Strokes?
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Nashville Parthenon
Speaking of Nashville, this analog ditty from a band we like is on an LP we found while crate-digging at the same vinyl shop in Tokyo mentioned earlier.
The Apples in Stereo – Same Old Drag
Psychedelic rockers from Colorado break out a delightful track which has even the latte-sipping on the edge of the turntable decks bopping heads and tapping feet.
Cat’s Eyes – Be Careful Where You Park Your Car
An irresistable handclap song which channels Phil Spector’s wall of sound, and band member Faris Badwan of The Horrors’ garage rock.
Kakkmaddafakka – Dream
Our third 2020 release on this list, from one of our current favourite Norwegian indie rock bands. A heady track from the Bergen sextet to pogo to.
Memoryhouse – Get Back
In its sophomore album, ‘Soft Hate’, Memoryhouse leaves behind its chillwave roots, and embraces upbeat tunes with a sense of urgency and wonder. The anthemic ‘Get Back’ is our favourite groove, and would fit right into a John Hughes original soundtrack.
Girls – Morning Light
No indie party would be complete without Girls. No kidding. And it may also be pointless if everyone at the blowout is not swirling until Morning Light.
Daft Punk (feat. Pharrell Williams) – Lose Yourself to Dance
Just as we would drop Kanye if the shindig called for it, we have no hesitation to get lucky by sunsetting our gig with this one from the French helmeted duo.
Blur – Girls and Boys
Oasis or Blur? Pulp, we usually answer. Or Suede. Unless, or course, we have Girls and Boys from Parklife, who are rhythmically “following the herd, down to Greece”.