Introducing ALT3RD VINYLS, a monthly vinyl record selection curated by artists, musicians, producers, and music tastemakers.

Our first curator in this instalment is none other than Ricks, head honcho of KITCHEN. LABEL - an independent record label housing artists who explore the ground between various strains of ambient, Neo-classical and the avant-garde, matched with a carefully honed and distinctive aesthetic.

Here, he walks us through a journey of some of his favorite records, from the world of Mayu, sounds of Japanese landscape in summertime to The Melody At Night With You by pianist Keith Jarrett.



Pale Cocoon - Mayu
Sounds of Japanese landscape with swirling synthesizers and noise.



Motohiko Hamase - Anecdote
Rare live performance at Spiral Garden in Tokyo featuring tracks from some of my favourite albums by him.



Hiroshi Yoshimura - Green 
A recommended gateway into 80s Japanese ambient music. 



Masahiro Sugaya - Horizon, Vol.1
Another unsung mainstay of Japan’s ambient environmental music scene in the 80s.



Inoyama Land - Commissions 1977-2000
A collection of environmental sound design works and music for slime holds, sensory museum and egyptolgy



Gaussian Curve - Clouds
An ambient trio featuring Gigi Masin and one of the first albums I have heard from the label Music from Memory. 



Okkyung Lee - Yeo-Neun
An album blending traditional Korean influences with avant-garde classical music. 



Nujabes - Modal Soul
This was my first introduction to Nujabes and also my favourite album from him.



Keith Jarrett - The Melody At Night With You 
An essential album from Keith Jarrett and the label ECM.



Fumio Miyashiata - Wave Sounds of the Universe
Meditative healing music from the Japanese ambient music pioneer.