If you’ve paid attention to the Singaporean beat underground over the past few years, the name Fzpz would be familiar — even if you still struggle to pronounce his name (phonetically, it’s pretty straightforward: eff-zee-pee-zee).


The producer, real name Jarren Lim, has dutifully put out releases over the past few years — however, you’d find most activity on his modest Soundcloud page than anywhere else.


2018 was a significant milestone for him, as he teamed up with electronic music label Darker Than Wax for his EP Hidden Personas, which saw him delve deeper into his hip-hop roots. 2019 was a year in which Lim quietly dropped individual tracks sporadically, along with a “name-your-price” release on Bandcamp titled fourfour, a nod to the EP’s pervasive direction towards classic house music.


In 2020, Fzpz has taken the greater leap to release his debut album, titled Death Signs. Inspired by slow-burning R&B jams from nocturnal radio playlists, rather than the boom bap sound he’s made his name with, Death Signs is an accomplished piece of work that displays Fzpz’s versatility in full force.


On this episode of 10 Tracks, we spoke to him about putting the album together, its impressive list of collaborators, and the songs on his playlist that might have influenced his current sonic trajectory.


Listen to the podcast below and check out what he has to say about each track. 






Fzpz - ‘Love and Resent’
Fzpz: This was the most personal work I’ve done to date until Death Signs. Heavily influenced by R&B elements from the late 80s and stealing a cheeky bass lick from Mike Porcaro, Toto’s bassist — I tried exploring chord qualities and progression that could steer the song into a brighter mood as it progressed.
 Oftrt - ‘Takeout’ 
I’ve been listening to tons of local music for the past year and Oftrt is one of the latest producers I’ve been rinsing. Oftrt challenges the soundscapes time and time again in his tracks.
The first time I watched him live was at Intriguant’s Uploading event and he is, by far, my favourite local producer to date for the past year. He takes dub to the next level in this track, ‘Takeout’.


Tim De Cotta - ‘Lying Eyes’
His latest single, ‘Lying Eyes’, has got me in the disco boogie vibe and NAztyKeys totally slays it in the solos for this one. I’ve been a long-time fan of TAJ and L.A.B. , both oozing of Soul and R&B which he is part of. I’m a sucker for the synthesizers and jabbing basslines. I’ll also be doing a remix of it soon!


.gif - ‘LET’S GO’
Probably the most unique sounding duo of Singapore, in my opinion. They’re taking the electronic genre with stride and I loved every moment of HAIL NOTHING. Their live presence is a must-catch, coupled with Weish’s mesmerizing vocal looping and Din’s abstract tones.
‘LET’S GO’ is also accompanied by a music video which I adore, directed by VadBibes. He directed the MV of the remix I did for Charlie Lim’s ‘Better Dead Than A Damsel‘.


YRFN, Khally - ‘Tek It Slo’
Part of Allure Records, all tracks from the label are bangers. These guys make me reinstate my faith in the next generation’s drive for Singapore’s music. Most, if not all, tracks are produced by Danish, and this one’s modern take on baile funk was refreshing. I’ve been listening to a ton from these guys and I’ve got to say Khally is one to look out for.
Gema - ‘Cut’ (feat. MickeyLEANO)’
Sensual cuts from Jema. A sequel of his first album, Sextape II keeps up with time with Jema’s hush storytelling. I’ve always been a fan of his eclectic take on electronic music.
I played a little guitar in the intro track of the album as well. It was so raw when I doodled and he just took it. That’s what I vibe with when collaborating — everything going right, and not overthinking things.


Fauxe - ‘To the Moon’
Fauxe was the very first beatmaker I came across in 2013-2014 who was extremely proactive in pushing the beat scene.
He dug me up from the Bandcamp days and was very much like an elder brother to me. His latest endeavour, Altruism, celebrates collaboration and the live ensemble aspect of his music. This one, in particular, is my favourite of the album.


Flying Lotus - ‘Coronus, The Terminator’
Been listening to You’re Dead! a ton recently. I really can’t believe it’s been 5 years. My friend Go Yama ended off his 365 project with ‘Never Catch Me’ — a project where he records a short clip of music-making, guitar shredding, and the likes.
Needless to say, Flylo has been such an inspiration to me and to all beatmakers from all styles I’m sure. The entire Low End Theory and Brainfeeder scene has been such an influence in my music as well.


Intriguant - ‘Turn (feat. Charlie Lim)’
Recluse is probably my favourite album so far from Intriguant. In this one, the well-accompanied arrangements, coupled with Charlie Lim’s strong songwriting and docile instrumentation, are always something I go back to.
He’s got so many great artists on Recluse as well. I’ve also been listening to his latest album Kindred, which is much heavier and just goes to show how versatile he is.


Cravism - ‘white lights’
The epitome of lush jazz and lofi beats presently in Singapore, Cravis is one of the beatmakers I listen to when in my chill mode. I love the changes in particular from this track and the smooth and out of sight licks. I also managed to catch his set with Maya Diegel last year at Uploading as well. Excellent chill beats from the two to unwind to.