Mixes from Aalely are few and far between — but each work is a little piece of gratifying music ethnography. 


Aalely, hailing from the ever-radical Darker Than Wax crew, forsakes the usual four-to-the-floor rhythms or celestial ambient passages for something that goes beyond the binary of what’s considered “world music”, an antiquated term fortunately on its way out.


The DJ grabs bits from across the globe — as displayed below, with a little help from the centralized wonder that is Bandcamp — and maps together a mix that isn’t afraid to reach the outer depths of traditional folk standards, anthemic post-punk or electroacoustic music.


There’s always an educational slant to his delights, but the selector keeps it simple with his philosophy: “Music is an institution. You choose the school you want to go to.”


Aalely’s guest mix is a psychedelic marvel, and he talks about the hour-long voyage below, where he picks out some of the artists you can keep tabs on.


Tell us about some of the songs in this mix!



Arrington de Dionyso – Mahkota Kotor Window

Absolutely went bonkers on the low end bass throat singing Arrington incorporated in this piece accompanied by the sixteenth-note fast paced blast beats, probably from all the time he spent in his ‘90s punk band Old Time Relijun. RESPEK!


Kintsugi - Kajinchô

So spiritually I've always felt this connection and attraction to the cosmic Sarasvatī, and here in ‘Kanjichô’, Kakushin Nishihara champions this alternate-world version of the veera called the Biwa. RESPEK!

Being quite the sucker for traditional instruments — and even more so with an enchanted goddess in the mix — the sound of the biwa always makes me feel like anyone who wields this divine instrument is like the equivalent of mighty Benzaiten Devi strumming the biwa with all her might. 

It's like listening to elevated Nasi Lemak from the coconut club, if you even know what that sounds like.


Kaelan Mikla – Skuggadans

I'm an absolute sucker for this, although not punk enough for my liking *disclaimer, i'm an absolute poser*.

This banger of a pop-ish, post-punk, "Crass-meets-Jonsi-meets-She Past Away" three piece sound bomb, again not punk enough for my liking sound, makes this track a no-brainer to end the mix with. 

It's crazy catchy, still got those elements of what every dark wave banger essentially has and her high pitched cries amplified by reverb and delays. I mean, c'mon


In general, what do you look for when putting together a mix?

I love stringing together pieces and layers of tracks from different backgrounds and then try to tell my own story. 

I mean, everyone interprets everything different, so why not give them a piece of what I'm thinking about, like piecing together the perfect combination of condiments. It’s my way to eat Chicken Rice — like the track before, or the track after, or the track on top of it, or the biwa from—I just lost track of time. Honestly, it’s 12:34am here.

Okay, let's be real here, I look for tracks made by artists that I think I would hang out with. I mean I'd definitely hang out with Arrington, co-founder of Olympia Experimental Music Festival and punk band from the 90's, and throat singing like Rully Shabara??? (lead singer of Senyawa) I'm a firm believer of "vibe attracts your tribe". I love bangers, I love dancing. But, in all honesty, nothing fancy really. 

Okay, no. What I look for in putting together a mix is the hope to impart what intrigues me onto others. Music is an institution. You choose the school you want to go to. The end. 


Did you find yourself digging for more tunes under quarantine?

I dig you, if you know what I'm sayin’. 


What other moves can we expect from you?

I'll make mixes once in a while and I'll be putting up more "work" at RADIO HURU HARA or Darker Than Wax. If you like music and you claim that music saves lives, then please give us some money. Lizard people live in the white house.