Never mind the dancefloor — Anwar’s infectious mix is guaranteed to keep the feet tapping at any hour.


With a focus on the deepest of deep house cuts, rumbling rhythms and joyous melodic lines intact, Anwar’s SGCR debut was cobbled together with this celestial shelter in mind. “House music will always be home for me,” as he describes the ethos for his music sensibilities.


Over the past few months, Anwar has taken it upon himself to produce bedroom sets laced with house, disco, lounge and the occasional outburst of techno for friends over the weekends. The mix captures what Anwar describes as a “perfect night out at the club, from open doors to late night floors”.


Here’s what the budding DJ has to say about his picks, along with the virtues of working from home that has helped his music discovery habits — and why Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist has been a great help, even for discerning ears.


Tell us about some of the songs in this mix!


Long Island Sound – ‘I Still Love You’
Stumbled upon the amazing Irish duo on YouTube. This is definitely one of the best tunes I discovered last year. Its combination of a smoky groove, soulful vibe, spacey soundscape and old-school R&B vocals makes it an instant favourite and a future classic for me.


This came out just before the lockdown so it’s a pity I won’t get to hear it on a dancefloor anytime soon. That’s why I figured I had to play this track at some point during my mix! Heh.


Kerri Chandler – ‘Atmospheric Beats’
I remember Kerri Chandler as the DJ that got me into deep house in the first place! I started listening to him on RBMA Radio about 15 years ago and I was immediately drawn to his sound in particular – always warm, soulful and full of energy. ’Atmospheric Beats’ is a pretty good example of that, and it still gives me the same feels every time I hear it!


Orbital – ‘Belfast’
With those haunting choral vocals over jovial breaks-like beats, ‘melancholic euphoria’ is how I’d like to describe this anthem from 1991. It kinda reminds me of Bicep’s ‘Glue’ – epic without the need to be too upbeat.


Another reason why I picked this as the last tune is the gradual slowing down of the tempo in its last 2-3 minutes… just seems like the perfect track to end a massive night.


In general, what do you look for when putting together a mix?


Nothing fancy really – I never try to play tracks that are “current” because it’s always a better feeling to have someone curious about a track you played! I just see it as a way to share what I know and love — and from time to time, weave in forgotten tunes for a little nostalgia.


Did quarantine change/affect your digging habits? Have you gone into a routine of digging for music while balancing work?


It’s a pretty time-consuming thing to do and I’m glad working from home has given me more time for digging and learning! These days, I find myself listening to online mixes more often, particularly those on ARTE Concert, BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix and Resident Advisor. Once I come across peculiar or catchy tunes, it’s the usual process – getting knee-deep in countless YouTube, Bandcamp and Beatport tabs!


Also, this sounds pretty basic but you’d be surprised at the number of gems you can find on your Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist!! I make it a point to have a listen to it every Monday.


What other moves can we expect from you?


At the moment I’m just taking my time to learn how to play better and looking for people to jam with so if anyone's keen, hit me up!