Anyone who’s been tracking the moves of Cayenne would figure that she’s growing further into her own sound — one that pulls from the chaotic and future-forward world of hyperpop.


A sound of pop music born on the outskirts of Soundcloud, hyperpop is cherished by a plugged-in generation of teens and young adults (aka Gen Z), along with the millennials that gravitate towards — or run away from — artists like 100 gecs, Dorian Electra, Food House and more.


If you need a little 101 on hyperpop sounds, Cayenne’s immaculate Guest Mix is a good start. Here, she shares some of her choice picks and her straightforward approach to mixes.





Tell us about some of the songs in this mix!
1. glaive - ‘astrid’ I fell in love with this song instantly first time I heard it, love how it goes into a four on the floor beat in the hook
2. Aaron Cartier - ‘KING TAP’ Dude’s mostly repeating the same few words and mumbling through the song but it still bops so hard
3. Sobs - Party Song (jorud remix) I love sobs and jorud <3 jorud is just a beast TBH


In general, what do you look for when putting together a mix?
Honestly I just toss in songs that I like/been obsessed with and hope people like em.


Did you find yourself digging for more tunes under quarantine?
I don’t think so, I always dig for new music even when I’m busy and not under quarantine. It’s not hard when you have access to streaming platforms straight from your phone.
It was quite funny seeing artists make songs about the pandemic during that period though.


What other moves can we expect from you?
I have an EP comin out early next year! Might follow up with a music video, who knows :-)