The mix presented by GOTHHOBBIT is full of club-ready delights — and although as the narrative goes on about the absence of the dancefloors in our current, social-distanced nightlife, this power-packed journey assembled by the DJ is borne out of pure intuition that remains inside of her.


“The tracks that I select would naturally already be something that I think is fun for me, and I’d personally like to be able to dance to in a club,” she writes to us, describing the assembled barrage of tunes that was put together in the SGCR studio on-the-fly.


As this mix demanded full attention from the DJ — who admits that an expertly-crafted, hour-long mix is far easier to be entranced by than the average running time of a film — listen to this as you dig into the workweek crunch, or if you’re picking apart your playlists for a home gathering where anything goes. Because in this mix, all directions are unknown. Let GOTHHOBBIT be your guide.




 Tell us about some of the songs in this mix!


For the mix, I was trying to challenge myself to use only recent tracks (I don’t know why). I couldn’t help but add in some older tracks as well but it mainly consists of tracks that had been released within the past year or so.


 Ozwald - ‘Sex Drum’
This is from an Irish label called Flood. Their releases are really good and this is probably the type of track I’d usually gravitate towards cause it’s like, darker percussive dance music.


 Roza Terenzi - ‘Cosmology’
Roza had a new album out in 2020 that was fire so I really wanted to include a track from it.


 Dagga - ‘King of FFM’
A track from an artist on the label Steel City Dance Discs. Another great album, I like it cause it’s just a fun mix of my favourite things — dirty bassy kicks, high hats, and vocal samples.


 In general, what do you look for when putting together a mix?


I’m naturally not a very serious person. In a way, the tracks that I select would naturally already be something that I think is fun for me and I’d personally like to be able to dance to in a club.


Usually, I’d find a starting point in a mix when I come across one track that really hits and then I kinda build the mix around that. Track-wise, I prefer darker industrial sounds but also I really like high hats too and DnB/bass/speed garage vibes so ideally, I’d include everything in a mix if I could.


 Did quarantine change/affect your digging habits? Have you gone into a routine of digging for music while balancing work?


I used to go vinyl digging every week or so. Digging has always been a habit, but I’ve mostly stopped shopping for vinyl now and moved to digital, because storage/my record player needs replacing. When travelling, I would visit record shops to buy vinyl. I would like to mix with vinyl one day too.


These days, digging for me would involve listening to music during my commute to work. I’d be making playlists or saving tracks, listening to songs non-stop before work which means I have too many playlists I can’t keep up with now — or use the classic YouTube rabbithole route.


I’m on Bandcamp a lot too. There’s one thing that a DJ I follow tweeted once where he said he’d filter his email inbox to “Bandcamp” and just kinda dig from there, which I think is kinda genius so I’ve been doing that too.


I never listen to new music when I’m at work (partially because it was being used for the office Spotify). But, for example, if I’m listening to mixes on radio shows or Soundcloud, it’s kind of a full on thing for me and I need to focus on it. I don’t usually have it on in the background. If a good track comes on, I’d get too side-tracked by trying to save it or find out what a track is in the mix, or just busy looking stuff up constantly.


It’s kind of like watching a film where I need full attention on it — which is ironic because I can’t sit still to watch a film. But I can just listen to a mix for an hour without moving.


 What other moves can we expect from you?


Other than waiting for clubs to open, just gonna keep working on my own mixes and uploading them. Gotta make use of the Soundcloud Pro :( and maybe finish unfinished production projects but it’s not likely cause I’m hella lazy haha.