Nothing much about Mary Sue is known online. Pulling up his Bandcamp page will reward you two distinct and minimal EP artworks. What is clear from listening to these works — 2020’s shadowy debut Grey Noise and 2021’s visual EP to those foreign nights, i love you — is that Mary Sue is utterly confident in his desolate sound. 


We deemed Grey Noise one of five under-the-radar releases from 2020, and it’s best to catch up because, in this mix, you’ll find a greater appreciation in the rapper/producer’s music taste. It runs the gamut from 70s Taiwanese funk to 60s ska and underground UK trap — and more — so while the variation may seem erratic, it makes sense under the skilful hand of Mary Sue.


In true underground fashion, Mary Sue leaves little words to read, but his mix speaks volumes about his keen ear for unguarded, raw sounds.


Tell us about some of the songs in this mix!


Tian Niu - ‘等你在雨中-恬妞 Waiting For You in The Rain’
It’s a Taiwanese funk track with a kick-ass horn sequence in the intro. The track is actually a cover of a song called ‘Catherine’ by Yumi Matsutoya, but I think this version just hits way harder.


MIKE - ‘fortune teller’
‘fortune teller’ starts off with this crazy, manipulated, slowed-down soul sample, then it switches to a crazy funk loop that makes me smile every time. Just when you think that's all there is to it, MIKE comes in with another glitched-out sample.


Sawalee Phakaphan - ‘จำเลยรัก - สวลี ผกาพันธุ์ Defendant of Love’
I started digging into Sawalee Phakaphan after listening to Pink Siifu’s track ‘Stay Sane’. I found the sample and just discovered a treasure trove of Thai folk. It’s such a sweet and heartbreaking track.


In general, what do you look for when putting together a mix?


Not much, other than tracks I’ve liked and saved. But I do try my best for the mix to have a sort of flow as it progresses.


Did quarantine change/affect your digging habits? Have you gone into a routine of digging for music while balancing work?


Not really. I’m always on YouTube checking out songs and my ears are always open to new sounds from recommendations. I’m a very sample-based beatmaker so if I’m ever making music, I’m gonna be digging anyway.


What other moves can we expect from you?


Other than my recorded set on SGCR, not much. I’m working on new sounds that I think are quite fresh and exciting. I’m still developing that shit so it will be a while before dropping again. I definitely will try to share some stuff by the end of the year, or the start of next year.