Pamcy Fernandez is on the come up in the region. An emerging name in house music from the Philippines, the producer first established herself with BINIBINI in 2019.


BINIBINI offered addictive sounds with a fascinating approach to its concept — with tracks embodying cultural and personal fragments that have shaped her identity, and which are “cultural artefacts of femininity”, as is written on the album’s Bandcamp page.


For her latest EP, Sauce Aisle, she delivers a concise package of three dancefloor tunes, inspired by the Asian sauces she deeply cherishes. Now out via JUN RECORDS, where it comes with a colourful zine, the record is yet another sterling example of her brand of “DIY house” music — where the personal is made whimsical.


Her mix for SGCR is also made up of tunes that have been imbued into moments in her life. Load it up into your playlist, along with Sauce Aisle, and read her words for us below.


Tell us about some of the songs in this mix!


SebastiAn - ‘Arabest’
I felt like making a mix out of the music I listened to a lot when I was in college. The first one I thought of was SebastiAn's ‘Arabest’. This is one of my favorites and I just love the entire album, Total. It was what I listened to, on loop, for at least two years, especially when I studied for exams or worked on school projects.


Bag Raiders - ‘Castles In The Air’
I discovered Bag Raiders' ‘Castles In The Air’ through this Australian TV series called Slide. I binged on that show during my third year of college and I remember having a lot of free time then when I was an exchange student in Japan that same year.


Yelle - ‘A Cause Des Garçons (Tepr Remix)’
I used to be into French culture when I was in my teens. In my sophomore year, we had to pick a language to study and I chose French. I started discovering French electronic and house music at around the same time. Tepr's remix of Yelle's ‘A Cause Des Garçons’ was a gateway for me to find more French electro artists from that era.


In general, what do you look for when putting together a mix?


I usually start with a few tracks that I want to play in a mix and then I try to build a setlist before recording. Normally, I group them by genre or a particular time period but I usually add in random tracks that I think would sound good in the mix.


Did quarantine change/affect your digging habits? Have you gone into a routine of digging for music while balancing work?


The quarantine changed my digging habits. I used to rely heavily on watching other DJs IRL, and record shops for new music. Finding new music at home is challenging but one of the ways I discover music is by listening to recorded mixes on Youtube, Mixcloud and Soundcloud on a daily basis while I'm doing chores or working.


What other moves can we expect from you?


I recently released an EP called Sauce Aisle featuring tracks inspired by Asian condiments. It comes with a free digital zine that I worked on with my label boss, Jun Kamoda. We're also selling t-shirts via Bandcamp.