SGCR: The music behind Lim Brothers Travel Into The CPU, explained

This requires some context for those not in the know of the reputable Lim Brothers Travel — in which case, please catch up.


The duo have been running their monthly DJ sets on SGCR since its inception. The brainchild of BGourd (who has put out sterling hip-hop EPs under the same name) and Beansprouts, Lim Brothers Travel are a DJ/VJ duo whose unbridled love for music is united with a green screen.


Disorienting visuals are jumbled up with memes, tongue twisters are knotted up with voice messages — all sourced from the various corners of the internet.


It’s a unique take amongst a surge of DJ livestreams since quarantine began, and — like the windfall of content we all now consume from independent creators — it began in their bedroom. 


As it is with the deluge of DJs who found themselves confined to their bedrooms last year, the time Beansprouts spent with his controller was reaped when the show launched. It’s a peek into the selections that can go in several, sprawling directions.


What makes Lim Brothers Travel stand out is their willingness to engage with viewers, which include song requests. In fact, it has become tradition for the last hour of each set to welcome any and all requests that emanate in the livechat.


Beansprouts talks about his selections, along with the perceptive requests from the audience, from the recent edition of the show, titled Lim Brothers Travel Into The CPU.



 Slagsmålsklubben - ‘Malmö Beach Night Party’


The theme of the March show was into the CPU, and there’s a really sweet 2000’s bitpop tune from this Swedish electropop group that mixed with the Videogame Orchestra cover of YMO’s Rydeen really well. At this time, BGourd was talking about building computers, so it’s all the more fitting that the synth-string stabs made it sound like a Sims “Build Mode” soundtrack!


Towa Tei - ‘GBI (German Bold Italic) (feat. Kylie Minogue & Haruomi Hosono)’


Towa Tei made this 1997 laid-back techno-house beat with Kylie Minogue - not sure what Hosono did on this, but Kylie played the role of a typeface “you’ve never seen before”. I’m no font expert, but I wonder if this trance-y buzz is what our typographer friends experience when they find enlightenment in the perfect typeface mix.


Kazumi Tokata - Animal Crossing New Leaf 1PM


This was played right after Towa Tei’s ‘GBI’ – one of our listeners, mattgnaw, had replied on our Instagram that ACNL was his favourite video game soundtrack. This midday bossa-nova is modern-day KLF in its minimalism, nostalgic for its childlike mood, and is also a really fun/apt transition to the Mii Channel theme!


Kate Ryan - ‘Libertine’


TI’ve been getting into eurodance after being recommended Alice DJ’s “Who Needs Guitars?” a week ago. This 2002 cover of Libertine captures the sentiment of that album title perfectly; it’s a serious hi-NRG anthem that suits the speedy keyboard work visuals that was playing.


Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu & Toshiyuki Ueno - ‘Otherworldly Foe’


We must have played at least half an hour of Earthbound tracks on that one livestream. One of the highlights of the night was BGourd rapping over this forever-fresh, bass-heavy battle theme.


Luke Vibert - ‘I Love Acid’

What would the world be without commercially-produced acid? Shout out to however batteries work. I’ve not seen a battery melt since the last time I’ve used batteries, but I’m sure the electrons are still coursing through somewhere in the wireframes of our phones and laptops.



We devoted a large chunk of the set to PC Music, not just because of this livestream’s theme but also in commemoration of how SOPHIE and the collective paved the shape of pop to come. We played tracks like Charli XCX, POBBLES, A.G. Cook, yeule, Danny L Harle, easyFUN, and of course a bunch of SOPHIE bangers. But the segment began with ‘L.O.V.E.’, the relentless ASMR-driven deconstructed club beat SOPHIE released in 2015. It shook our IEMs then and will continue to do so for the rest of time.


Emerson Kitamura - ‘スピニングホイール’

Probably what I love most about this show is cueing in amazing song requests that I’ve never heard of before. This was a third-hour request by SGCR’s very own Hwee En, and how it all fell together was beautiful: the upbeat 75-bpm groove provided a perfect “out” from the languid post-disco selection playing prior (e.g. Alexander Robotnick, International Music System, etc). BGourd robot-rocked to the Latinate rhythm, and even threw down some instant-mix bars to the shibuya-kei instrumental. And Sonic sped through the background on a hoverboard in time with the jittery-sweet melodies. Thanks too for giving me a reason to play Serani Poji’s One-Room Survival next – as tifififi11 pointed out in the chat, it went from “du du du du dudududu” to “zu zu zu zuzuzuzu”!