Portraits of People Duo Pack


Portraits of People DUO PACK


DREAM ISSUE: This photo zine captures the dreams and hopes of people as they answer one question, "What is your dream in life". Featuring over 50 portraits of people arranged according to age 10 - 60 years old.

 Full color photo zine  / 110 pages  / Perfect Bound / A5 
Photography by Imran Muhammad, Souher Wahba and Huda Azzis  

TRAVEL ISSUE: The latest issue in this series of installations features portraits of backpackers who are hundred of miles away from home. We asked them,"If you can wake up anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?"These are their stories. 

  • Full color photo zine  / 44 pages  / Perfect Bound / A5 
  • Photography by Imran Muhammad @mrmarakech and Huda Azzis @hudaazzis

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