5651KM Around the Iberian Peninsula by Giovanni Riccó


Giovanni Riccó

5651Km Around the Iberian Peninsula, 2019


In the summer of 2018, Italian photographer Giovanni Riccó travelled along the Iberian coast for a total of 5651 kilometre in a converted van. This long coast has been occupied by various empires but despite their size, locations or cultural and historical dispositions, the coastal towns all share an immense natural beauty and a deep connection with water.


The collection of photographs in this zine serves to document the various regions, cultures, and languages of the coastlines - all drawn together by the beauty and mystique of the ocean and the sea.  

  • 44 Pages, 6x9 inches, 
  • Full Colour, Matte
  • Stapled Bind
  • Editions of 30

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