Foldable Teardrop - JUN01849 (Gray)

$215.40 $359.00

A mid-fold hat with excellent functionality.

A teardrop silhouette with a drop-shaped ceiling, also known as a "tear-shaped". The brim width is a little wide, making it a classic and easy accessory. Manufactured with shape memory and water repellent finishing, it is good for travelling and is foldable. Lift the top of the hat, fold the side in half and roll it up.

* Size adjustment slider specification (When reducing the size, pull out the adjustment tape straight. Pulling it in the opposite direction may damage the slider.)
* It does not mean that the shape will not be lost. If you leave it rolled for a long time, it may lose its shape slightly. If you do not like the wrinkles and squeaky feeling, or if you want to keep the exact current condition, please avoid rolling. Also, when not in use, store it without rolling up.

  • 90% wool, 10% rabbit fur
  • [M] -Height 11 cm / brim 7 cm / head circumference 57.5 cm(with size adjustment -2 cm)
  • [L] - Height 11.5 cm / brim 7 cm / head circumference 59.5 cm(with size adjustment-2cm)
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