In My Pocket 3 - DOU01692 ( Brown )

$153.30 $219.00

A bucket hat that combines fabrics with different textures. Logo embroidery on the front and flap pockets on the sides create a playful design. You can keep the brim down or just raise it in front, and enjoy it with your favorite silhouette without worrying about the front and back.   

* Size adjustment slip specification (When reducing the size, pull out the adjustment tape straight. If you pull it in the opposite direction may damage the slide.)

  • Outer material: Wool 66% Polyester 29% Nylon 3% Acrylic 2%
  • Outer material: Cotton 60% Nylon 40%
  • Part: Polyester 100%
  • Lining: Rayon 65% Cotton 35%
  • Height 9.5 cm / brim approx. 5 cm / head circumference 59 cm (size adjustable -2 cm)
Size: 1 SIZE
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