Kohshin Satoh X Ca4La  Bucket Hat 01 - AKI02571 ( Black )

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A collaboration item of <KOHSHIN SATOH> x CA4LA that proposes a free-spirited and fresh design.

Bucket hat sewn with diamond-shaped leather.
The original fabric is made by cutting cowhide into a diamond shape and randomly arranging it on the wool fabric. A well-balanced combination of materials with different textures for a cohesive look. An item with a basic silhouette, but with a mode atmosphere that emphasizes the presence of the fabric.

* Size adjustment slide specification (When reducing the size, pull out the adjustment tape straight. If you pull it in the opposite direction may damage the slide.)
* There are individual differences in the pattern appearance.
* Since the leather part is a natural material, some color unevenness, small scratches and wrinkles may occur. note that.

Established Earthton Borage Co., Ltd. in 1975. Announcing a free-spirited and fresh design that breaks the conventional concept and common sense of the mode world, it attracts attention. Participated in the Tokyo collection since 1983, causing a men's designer brand boom. The momentum has evolved into a social phenomenon, affecting not only the clothing industry, but also youth customs and many other industries. As a leading Japanese men's designer, he was highly praised from overseas and was favored by world-class superstars. Since 1986, he has participated in two major collections in Paris and New York, and has firmly established his position as a world-class designer in both name and reality. He is also talented in interior design, watches, objects, and graphics.

  • Body: 100% wool
  • Part: 100% cowhide
  • Lining: 100% cotton
  • Height 9.5 cm / brim 5.5 cm / head circumference 59 cm (size adjustable -2 cm)


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