Kohshin Satoh X Ca4La  Bucket Hat 03 - AKI02573 ( Black )

$307.30 $439.00

A collaboration item of KOHSHIN SATOH x CA4LA. The original fabric is made by cutting cowhide into a diamond pattern and randomly combining it with wool fabric. All are processed by hand to express a unique world view with a sense of mode. By combining with the basic shape, it is a design that emphasizes the presence of the fabric.

* Size adjustment slide specifications (When reducing the size, pull out the adjustment tape straight. If you pull it in the opposite direction may damage the slide.)

* Processing finish may vary from individual to individual.

* Please handle with care as the processing may peel off if a strong load is applied.

  • Body: 70% cashmere, 30% wool
  • Part: 100% rubber
  • Lining: 100% cotton
  • Height 9.5 cm / brim approx. 5 cm / head circumference 59 cm (size adjustable -2 cm)
Size: 1 SIZE
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