Laundry Wash&Uv - (Black)

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Safe to sweat! "Washable" Breton hat <Sentaku weather> series.

A CA4LA long-selling item that combines "washable, UV-cut, and foldable" with great practicality. The downward wide brim blocks the sunlight and protects UV rays by attaching a UV interlining. As the name suggests, you can wash them at home, so you can keep it clean even when you sweat a lot. The side ribbon that doubles as a size adjustment creates a femininity look.

* When washing, please wash by hand, then shape and dry in the shade.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Height 10 cm / brim approx. 9 cm / head circumference 59.5 cm (with size adjustment -2 cm)
Size: 1 SIZE
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