Mode Water Repellent - AKM00014 (Black)

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The CA4LA men's line is based on the hats for men, creation and quality cultivated through collaboration.

The season theme is "Imagination and Delusion, Mixture and Chaos".

A waterproof hat with excellent ventilation.
Uses breathable waterproof three-layer structure material. It is lightweight and compact, but the unique point is that internal moisture is discharged to the outside, and water from the outside does not pass through. A chic silhouette that combines a deep crown and wide brim. Seam tape is applied to the inner seams to provide grip. The tags sewn by hand are sewn along the season theme.

*Size adjustment slip specification (To reduce the size, pull out the adjustment tape straight up. Pulling it in the opposite direction may damage the slip.)
  • 100% nylon
  • Height 12 cm / Brim 7.5 cm / Head circumference 58.5 cm (with size adjustment -2 cm)
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