Perrier Bs - TAM02405 (Black)

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A small variant of Casquette <Perrier> series.

CA4LA classic item featuring a fluffy crown and a silhouette with a drape wrapped around the waist. The silhouette fits your head firmly, but by making the brim a little shorter, you have to tuck in all the way down, and you get a clean wearing impression. Uses a fabric that is hardly wrinkles and has a moderate firmness. An original brooch was decorated on the side.

*Size adjustment slip specification (To reduce the size, pull out the adjustment tape straight up. Pulling it in the opposite direction may damage the slip.)

  • 100% polyester
  • Height 12 cm / Brim 4.5 cm / Head circumference 58.5 cm (with size adjustment -2 cm)
Size: 1 SIZE
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